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No Hardware and Software to Purchase.
You avoid all the expenses of having to purchase, install and maintain a traditional phone system. Your only expense is a per user monthly charge.

No additional charges for Phone Lines and Long Distance. Every Hosted Phone Service Package comes with unlimited phone lines and unlimited nationwide long distance.

No Future Expenses. All repairs, warranties, maintenance and upgrades uncleared at no cost.


Plug and Play Deployment.
Install is so easy, you can do-it-yourself – we ship to you pre-configured phones, set up according to your preferences, and all you need to do is plug them into an Internet connection. Names, extensions, how you want the calls routed, voice mails, etc. All you need to do is just plug in the phone.

Deploy Anywhere.

Whether you want to set up a single office, work from home, turn up a remote office, or network with a warehouse, you can have a comprehensive phone system anywhere you have Internet. And, all the locations can be networked and integrated as though everyone is in one large office.

Scale Up, Scale Down, On-Demand.

Activating and adding another phone or user is as simple as calling us and requesting another phone. No additional hardware, software, or installation is needed.

24x7 Support.

Get your questions resolved right away, make changes instantly, activate a feature on demand – there is no charge and we’re always available. Or utilize the super easy web based portal and administer your phone system yourself.

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The Phone System is completely duplicated in several geographic locations. If there is ever a failure at one location, a reciprocal location takes over instantaneously, ensuring that you experience little to no interruption

State of the Art.

Our Hosted Phone System service utilizes a Broadsoft platform. Broadsoft is recognized as the industry pioneer and today os the leading VOIP platforms utilized by most of the world’s major Telecom companies

24 x 7 Support.

Never again are you at the mercy of a calamity in your office or having to wait for a certified technician to show up. Your Hosted Phone System is remotely maintained and managed by teams of Engineers, available at your beckon call.


State of the Art.

Unlike traditional phone system that require upgrades and additional equipment to stay abreast of technological evolution, a Hosted Phone Service offers you unlimited access to the most advanced functions and features for usually no charge at all. Our platform is an enterprise level system that must appeal to virtually any and all business needs.

Standard Included.

With every User / Device is a basic Package that includes:

  • Unlimited Phone Lines

  • Unlimited Nationwide Long Distance

  • More than 100 Traditional Functions and Features

Your Company, Everywhere.

If you have multiple offices and locations, want to work from home, or have personnel in the field, a Hosted Phone System package is the ideal solution. Every person or location can have its own identity with local phone numbers and unique call routing preferences – yet be fully integrated and networked as though all in one large office.

On-Demand Features.

As needed, you may select from a variety of advanced functions and features including: Video Conferencing, Call Recording , CRM Integration, Google Integration, Salesforce Integration, Mobile Apps, Call Center, Desktop Collaboration, Soft Phones, Hoteling, etc.

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